The readiness for continual competition with the time


The striving for perfection in every detail 


The thirst for comfort and harmony in home's core


Those are the reasons for my existence


This is everything I am.





Patented in 2004 in all European countries, Eurolux is a trade mark owned by LEKS GROUP Ltd., the company which offers the biggest range of built-in appliances for the modern kitchen. The products -  produced by the leading world manufacturers FABER, NARDI, ELLECI, APELL, RES NOVA, RITTER and another ones, are an emblem for elegant design, high tech technologies, functionality and style. 

Created to follow the style of living of the modern housewife, the Eurolux line is continually expanding its product range coming up to the main consumer's criterion but namely – achieving   an optimal price /quality correlation. The trade mark is addressed to the modern woman who insists on possessing the best and does not compromise with her family's comfort.

Combined the beautiful vision and manufacturability, easy installation and practical use, the units branded Eurolux took serious market shares in the last years and were established successfully on the territories of the countries where LEKS GROUP is operating on. With their full 3 years and 5 years OPTIMUM guarantee and excellent servicing by LEKS GROUP's own express service teams, the units are completely conformable to the dynamic style of living and high demands for safety, comfort and cosiness in the kitchen.

With Eurolux all irreplaceable helpers of the modern housewife are brought together at one place: starting with the cooker hood via the multifunctional oven, cooking hob and refrigerator up to the sink and hydro disposer. And if you have ever thought that electrical appliances  have not  a heart  - just look through our website …  Because the units branded Eurolux are created to anticipate and meet any your wish.