"“We believe in the quality of our appliances.
Quality, we stand up for, granting a full 3- year or 5-year OPTIMUM guarantee.
Quality, back of which is the express servicing by LEKS GROUP's own service teams.”

Dear Customers and Partners, 
With the purpose of effecting highly skilled, quickly and effective guarantee and after warranty servicing, we are continually increasing and developing our team of experienced service specialists. In our aspiration for correct performance of the undertaken engagements and meeting your wishes and requirements, we have created and developed our own network for express servicing for the last 5 years, disposing of:
 Express central service department with headquarter in Botevgrad, Bulgaria (Central Office of LEKS GROUP)
 Express regional service teams to the bigger company's trade offices in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas, Rousse, Skopje, Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad)
Our service centers maintain a full set of tool equipment necessary for realization of reliable servicing according to the European standards. The permanent availability of original spare parts for all products offered by the company is a guarantee for unproblematic solving in time of every occurred service problem. Well-provided with the necessary apparatus, vehicles and communication means, the express servicing teams of LEKS GROUP react in very short time of every given signal, providing the precise servicing which all of you – our customers,  deserve.
Down the years,  we were working always with the conviction that the satisfied customers are the best advertising  for a company. But we believe that behind those satisfied customers must stand up the professionalism and the proved abilities of our service specialists, the quality repair and correct attitude are of first importance for.
Namely, the care for the customer motivates us to built a new group “Customers' servicing”,   the special opened user phone numbers are functioning -  0700 13 331 and 0800 13 331 in Bulgaria, 02/ 322 75 82 and 070/381 844 in Macedonia and 011/ 311 29 77 in Serbia. They are opened for calls every weekday from 8:30 to 17:30. During the another time the users can leave their message and communication data to the automatic telephone secretary in result of which they will receive a quickly feedback from the personnel of the Service Department.
Our customers through the three countries can receive consultation at the user phones numbers about:
• originated problem and necessary measures that should be undertaken
• making an appointment for a service technician's visit
• information about the nearest service center
• information about spare parts purchasing
Our service teams will provide  express servicing on the spot in your home. In a case that the type of the malfunction does not enable to be removed in home conditions, our specialists will repair and test the appliance in the company's service group guaranteeing a first-rate servicing, calmness and safety!
In our aspiration to be closer to you we concluded an additional contract for servicing on the whole territory of Bulgaria with the authorized service centers of the company “VASIL KOSTOV” - Sole Trader. By this way the appliances bought by you receive reliable servicing even in the most distant places of the country.
We believe in the quality of our appliances – the quality that deserves your trust as well!
Respectfully yours
Tsvetan Lukanov
Owner of LEKS GROUP Ltd.