Multifunctional ovens


1. What are the requirements for the built-in ovens' installation?

To avoid the condense formation during the cooking and prevent the kitchen furniture from deformation as a result of the heating, it is necessary certain technological requirements for the oven's installation to be observed.  The availability of cooling openings in the cabinets is of prime importance because they helps formation of an air cushion from cold air. In combination with the tangential cooling motor and thermo-insulating wadding, all models of Eurolux and NARDI ovens are equipped with, the cooling openings prevent from forming condense and provide reliable protection of the kitchen furniture. Just because of that, it is important to be considered that an opening must be provided in the cabinet's bottom.

2. What is the tangential cooling motor like?

The tangential motor is in the base of the two areas cooling system which makes an aerial  casing around the outside of oven's cavity and in the oven's door avoiding by this way the thermal dispersion and protecting the kitchen furniture. Thanks to that motor the oven's door does not get hot outside which considerable contributes to the safety during the cooking.  When the thermostat is turned off and a function is set (par example lighting), the cooling motor continues to work till the cavity becomes cool.

3. What is the importance of the internal fan in the cavity?

The inner fan placed in the rear oven's wall and combined with circular heating element  or lower and upper heating elements ensures the opportunity for fan assisted baking at levels, which has the following advantages:
• Faster reaching the set temperature
• Uniform temperature in any point of the cavity as a result of the continual circulation of hot air ensured by the inner fan's function.
• Possibility for cooking on two or more levels simultaneously
• Faster heat penetration in the depth of the dish
• Lower cooking temperatures in comparison with those ones of the traditional baking.
• Saving in time and energy

4. Is the complete oven's cleaning possible?

Thanks to the modern technologies it is not more necessary to spare so much time for cleaning the oven as well as to use continually detergents. The specially developed catalytic panels, which can be additionally fitted, assist the fats' decomposition during the cooking,  whereupon the cleaning can be done only with a damp cloth – without boring rubbing and unpleasant smells. For the sake of much convenience, the inner surface of the oven's cavity   is coated in high temperature resisting enamel, very smooth and easy for maintenance. The  rounded inner edges of the oven's door save additionally time and energy enabling again an easy and fast maintenance.  On necessity of complete cleaning, the oven's door can be demounted without any problems. All inner equipment can be also removed, which in combination with the lack of concavities and openings for screws, makes the cleaning convenient and fast.  An important advantage of all oven models branded Eurolux and Nardi is that their doors are with a full inner glass which can be demounted and after then again refitted very easily and quickly. This additionally facilitates the complete cleaning of the oven.

5. Which are the main cooking functions?

It is already not necessary to open the oven door every time when you want to check the dish. The lighting is active during all cooking process in order to see that you roast.

This mode permits the oven to be heated quickly before a cooking function to be selected.

The inner fan is only operated. The function is suitable for gradually and delicate defrosting of deep frozen foods.

Heating from the bottom element
The bottom heating element is only on. Suitable mode for cooking paste products and food on water-bath, which need heat coming from the bottom.

Heating from the upper element
The upper heating element is only on. The function is suitable for vegetable dishes and souffles, for forming crisping top surface of the dishes or simply for warming pre-cooked foods.

Traditional cooking
Upper and  bottom heating elements are on It is the classic way for preparation of bread, sweets and crisp meat.

Fan with bottom heating element   
The combination of bottom and inner fan is extremely suitable for cooking pizza, fish, vegetable and different roasted dishes.

Fan cooking
The favorite function of the contemporary housewife makes it possible to cook two or more dishes at the same time on several shelves without mingling aromas and  flavors.

Fan with circular heating element
The function permits constant hot air circulation in the oven's cavity and can be used for refreshing the paste products or as a mode for fan cooking at several levels.

Grill cooking
The infrared heating element is only on. The function is suitable for meat roasting, hamburgers, toasts.

Double grill
The infrared and upper heating elements are on. Suitable for quickly meat roasting and different types of dishes with sauce.

Turbo grill
Combination of powerful grill heating element and inner fan. Suitable for even and quickly roasting of large quantity of meat and meat products.

Double turbo grill
The grill and upper heating elements plus inner fan are on. The function is ideal for quickly roasting of large quantity of meat.

Rotisserie spit
The grill and rotisserie are on. The function is suitable for  perfect roasting of small and average quantity of meat.

Rotisserie with fan
Grilled chicken?! No problem. Thanks to the functioning of the fan and rotisserie spit the perfect roasting of every big piece of meat is guaranteed.

Pizza function
The bottom heating element and the fan on the back panel are on. Ideal function for uniform backing of pizza and pasta.

6. Which are the advantages of the catalytic panels?

If the cleaning, provided by another cleaning systems, is realized at very high temperature (500ºC)  with an enormous energy consumption, the catalytic panels allow decomposition of the contamination at a notable more effective energy consumption. At the same time, in the contrast of pyrolysis par example, the self-cleaning panels do not require additional time and locking the oven – they oxidize and evaporate the fat drops during the cooking.

7. What are the catalytic panels like?

Catalytic self cleaning panels, covering the oven's walls, can be installed in all models of ovens offered by Leks Group.  They are special panels which are fixed to the side and real oven's walls. They are coated in special microporous enamel , which gradually oxidizes and evaporates the fat drops during the cooking. The panels are especially effective at temperature increasing over 200ºC when the formation of fat splashes and contamination is risen. If the oven's cavity is not enough clear after cooking of fat dishes, the oven can be left to work at the highest temperature within an hour. After that the cleaning is fast and easy – only with a movement with a damp cloth. The self cleaning panels have not be washed and cleaned with abrasive products, containing acids or alkali. It is enough the panels to be regularly wiped with a cloth soaked with water in order the cavity to be perfect clear.