Built-in hobs


1. How to install correctly the glass ceramic hob?
Eurolux and Nardi hobs with touch control are installed at a depth of 4 to 7 cm depending on the model. It is recommended to be ensured an air passage-way of 2-3 cm between the units.          
It is of utmost significance an isolation tape to be put between the lower hob's perimeter and cut edges of the worktop.

2. Operation requirements and cleaning methods for glass ceramic hobs

 When the glass ceramic hobs are in operation it is of prime importance the contact with sugar and household aluminium foil. In the first case, when sugar is spilled on the ceramic glass, it must be removed immediately in order to avoid the formation of pits on the glass surface. In the second case, the foil enters in a reaction with vitroceramic material and destroys its entity. It is recommended the used utensils to be placed on the glass ceramic hob being completely dried I order to avoid the formation of limestone spots.  It is recommended, so called shock contacts – hot area – cold pot to be avoided.  It is desirable the utensils to be with sizes corresponding to the heating areas and flat bottoms from the point of view of energy saving. It is important the hob to be cleaned possible more often using for that purpose a detergent for ceramic surfaces applied in lightly heated area and the spatula included in the equipment set of the appliance.

3. Requirements for usage of the gas hobs

All gas appliances are equipped with nozzles for operation on natural gas – methane in the factory. When operation will be on propane–butane, it is necessary the nozzles to be replaced with these ones included in the equipment set delivered with the unit before its first usage. On the contrary, there should be undesirable consequences for the utensils.