“The human capital is the biggest richness of Leks Group and its development will always be our priority.” says Mariana Dobrevska, Managing Director of Leks Group Ltd on the occasion of the official signing of the contract for the project “Development through transnational cooperation and experience exchange”, which will be financed by Human Resources Development Operational Program, co-financed by the European social fund of the EU.

The common aim of the won project is to strengthen the capacity of human resources in the leading organization Leks Group Ltd. through transferring successful practices in the field of effective training by the partner company on the project – Faber S.P.A., the Italian leader in hoods manufacturing. The approved financing will allow the Leks Group's team to explore and implement successful and innovative Italian practices in the field of the effective training of the employees, exchange of experience, ideas, knowledge and know-how in the name of increasing the competitiveness of the labor force.

The duration of the project is 12 months, as for execution  of the project the following activities are included: conducting a study in Bulgaria and Italy based on the applied forms of training, motivation of the employees, innovative practices for management, servicing, marketing and sales; preparing of analysis based on the study; performing training by visits in Italy of a part of the Leks Group's team; creation of a manual with the identified good practices in Faber S.P.A. and the conducting a wide forum-workshop and a debate, aiming the introduction of all identified good practices in consequence to the activities performed according to the project. 

PROJECT BG051PO001-7.0.07-0018

The project is realized with the financial support of the Human Resources development Operational Program, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the EU. The present document is prepared with the financial support of the European Social Fund. The entire responsibility for the contents of the document rests with Leks Group Ltd, and under no circumstances it can be accepted that this document reflects the official opinion of the European Union or the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.